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New Books on Comparative Law

2 βιβλία που φαίνονται εξαιρετικά ενδιαφέροντα. Σύντομα θα τα παραγγείλω.



1 Concepts of Law: An Introduction 1
Seán Patrick Donlan and Lukas Heckendorn Urscheler

2 Beyond the State In and Of Legal Theory   19
Maksymilian Del Mar

3 Do “Legal Systems” Exist? The Concept of Law and
Comparative Law   43
Mark Van Hoecke

4 The Concept of Law: A Wittgensteinian Approach with Some
Ethnomethodological Specificiations   59
Baudouin Dupret

5 The Truth is Out There? Legal Pluralism and the Language-Game   75
Jaakko Husa

6 Remembering and Applying Legal Pluralism: Law as Kite Flying   91
Werner Menski

7 A Sense of Law: On Shared Normative Experiences   109
Emmanuel Melissaris

8 Three Perils of Legal Pluralism   123
Catherine Valcke

9 Legal Sociology and the Sociology of Norms 137
David Nelken

10 Is Law a Special Domain? On the Boundary between the Legal
and the Social   153

11 The Creation and Use of Concepts of Law when Confronting
Legal and Normative Plurality   169
Andrew Halpin

12 A Concept of Law for Global Legal Pluralism?   193
Roger Cotterrell

13 The Concept of Law in Postnational Perspective   209
Alessio Lo Giudice

14 What is the Context in “Law in Context”?   225
Julia Eckert

15 Short Notes on the Legal Pluralism(s) in Somaliland   237
Salvatore Mancuso

                                    Από το βιβλίο 'Madama Butterfly' του Benjamin Lacombe


An Introductory Overview 1

1 Scotland 11
Scotland: ‘Is the Tartan Fading?’ 13
Sue Farran

2 Guyana 35
Guyana: ‘Mosaic or Melting-Pot?’ 37
Christine Toppin-Allahar

3 Philippines 59
Philippines: ‘The Twentieth Century as the Common Law’s
Century’ 61
Pacifico A. Agabin

4 Jersey 87
Jersey: ‘Avoiding the Fate of the Dodo’ 89
Philip Bailhache

5 Mauritius 115
Mauritius: ‘Capitulation, Consolidation, Creation’ 117
Tony Angelo

6 Seychelles 139
Seychelles: ‘Things Fall Apart? – The Mixing of Fate, Free
Will and Imposition in the Laws of Seychelles’ 141

7 Quebec 163
Quebec: ‘First Impressions Can be Misleading’ 165
Sophie Morin

8 Saint Lucia 183
Saint Lucia: ‘The Quebec Connection – Parallelism,
Convergence and Divergence’ 185
Jane Matthews Glenn

9 Cyprus 213
Cyprus: ‘Everything Changes and Nothing Remains Still’ 215
Achilles C. Emilianides

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